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A Mysterious and Miraculous Thing

What a mysterious and miraculous thing it is, that a fallen human being can glory in the holiness of the Lord. You may be sure that you are under the direct and immediate influence of the Holy Spirit of God when you do so. Praise His Holy name forever and ever, world without end, amen! May the Lord be with your spirit always.

You Are My Hiding Place | Virtual Choir | Echoes of Zion


One Way God Uses My Flesh Against Itself

In my Adamic flesh, I can be pretty judgmental sometimes. One example is how annoyed my flesh can get when I’m sitting in a work meeting or some other presentation and have participants/speakers who are prone to extensively using verbal crutches, such as “umm, like, ah, you know,” etc. But as I continue on the deeper path, the anointing within recently gently suggested I use each such occurrence as a prompt to turn to the Lord by calling upon His name. So, now when I’m in these circumstances and find myself getting annoyed, I recognize this is just my flesh acting up, and the Holy Spirit reminds me to silently call upon the name of the Lord Jesus. And every single time I do, lo and behold, God instantaneously delivers me from the evil! And you know what else? I find myself getting less annoyed in my flesh to begin with these days. Thank you, Lord Jesus! May the Lord be with your spirit always.