One Way God Uses My Flesh Against Itself

In my Adamic flesh, I can be pretty judgmental sometimes. One example is how annoyed my flesh can get when I’m sitting in a work meeting or some other presentation and have participants/speakers who are prone to extensively using verbal crutches, such as “umm, like, ah, you know,” etc.

But as I continue on the deeper path, the anointing within recently gently suggested I use each such occurrence as a prompt to turn to the Lord by calling upon His name.

So, now when I’m in these circumstances and find myself getting annoyed, I recognize this is just my flesh acting up, and the Holy Spirit reminds me to silently call upon the name of the Lord Jesus. And every single time I do, lo and behold, God instantaneously delivers me from the evil!

And you know what else? I find myself getting less annoyed in my flesh to begin with these days.

Thank you, Lord Jesus!

May the Lord be with your spirit always.


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