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Worship The Lord in Song: “In Christ Alone”

What I Love the Most About Fasting: Feeling Closer to the Lord

Recently, I felt like the Lord put me on a true “alternate day” fasting schedule whereby I eat, on average, the equivalent of two meals over the course of a 6-to-8-hour feeding window, followed by fasting for the next 40-42 hours. I’ve lost about 10 pounds over the last month or so since undertaking this approach to weight loss and incorporating this practice into my spiritual life. But the thing I love the most about fasting regularly is that it helps me draw so much closer to the sense of the Lord and His presence and divine life within that I long for. So my word to you is, if you aspire to a closer walk with Him, you might want to consider making fasting a regular part of your spiritual discipline. May the Lord be with your spirit always.