My Go-To Way to Experience Jesus Christ: Calling Upon the Name of the Lord

The simplest, easiest, most effective and reliable way for me to touch the Lord Jesus Christ in my spirit is to just call upon His name -- “Lord Jesus!” -- as quietly, as softly, as gently as I can.

Remember, Jesus Christ lives inside you. You don’t have to be loud for Him to hear you. God is not in the loud display or the boisterous activity (see 1 Kings 19:11-13: The Lord appeared to Elijah in a gentle whisper, not the powerful wind, not the earthquake, not the fire). Call upon Him quietly, gently, softly, as peacefully as you possibly can.

So, get in a quiet room, by yourself, close your eyes, quiet your heart and your mind, turn within, and then, collect your spirit, if you can, and with all the love you have for your Lord, softly speak His name “Lord Jesus!” And then wait upon Him to approach you in your regenerated human spirit. 

When your mind wanders--and it will--simply turn again to Him and softly call His name.

I find the following lyric from the Josh Groban classic song, You Raise Me Up, to be a helpful reminder: 

When I am down and, oh my soul, so weary

When troubles come and my heart burdened be

Then, I am still and wait here in the silence

Until You come and sit awhile with me. (emphasis added)

Don’t expect a massive, overwhelming display. In fact, if anything, expect your indwelling Savior to introduce you to levels and degrees of subtlety you never imagined. But He is there, in your spirit, and He wants to engage you there, more deeply, more intimately, more passionately, than perhaps you’ve ever been led to believe.

Remember, too, that you are in Him. Sometimes you may feel that. Many times you may not. But just exercise your faith in that divine reality and abide in that faith.

Admittedly, when sharing these techniques online, I will acknowledge right up front that this experience is better “caught than taught.” Nonetheless, I offer this with the prayer that the Lord will quicken these words with His life-giving Spirit.

Remember, it is only His Spirit that gives life. Without encountering the risen, living Lord Jesus in Spirit, these words are only empty head-knowledge.

May the Lord be gracious unto you and reveal Himself to your spirit.


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